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Wherever you live or work in the USA or other countries, the lineup of virtual genealogical classes, seminars, conferences, and more is still being used as an alternative to onsite. Yes, it is a great way to learn and highly recommended and it would be great if it continued to a degree even after it is safe to have them in-person again. This is almost the end of January and I have already been booked to speak at nine different venues and on that many different topics from the list I keep on my website, One of those nine includes the National Genealogical Societies yearly conference which this year is in Sacramento California 24-28 May 2022 and as of today, is still being held in-person. In one way, I am delighted to be able to see my colleagues and attendees as interaction with them is missed. Those of us who are professional genealogists take pride in our work, be it speaking, writing, and/or taking clients, To say I miss walking through a graveyard or sitting in a repository would be very strange to people who are not familiar with the type of research we do every day. Above all please remember, follow the protocols if you do go to a live conference, or anywhere else for that matter, keeping your family and colleagues along with your friends, associates and neighbors safe so that the day will come when we do not give up travel or gatherings a second thought. My personal wish is that I get back to Ireland in 2022. My last trip was in 2019 where I spent a whole month going to every repository and museum there and was able to spend time with many colleagues and friends.