• California Genealogical Research: Past, Present, and Future
  • California Here They Came!
  • A Case for Courthouse Research
  • Case Studies in Forensic and Family Genealogy
  • Catholic Records: Then and Now
  • California Historic Mission and Their Records
  • Collecting, Recording, and Evaluating Research
  • Death Certificates, Obituaries, and Probates: What the Dead Can Tell You!
  • Did Your Ancestor’s Siblings Take YOUR Family Papers to California?
  • Forensic Genealogy (advanced or professional genealogists/legal professional audience)
  • Irish: Work Your Way to Ireland Using American Records First
  • Irish and Irish-Americans in the Western United States
  • The Importance of Collateral Research
  • Migration Trails: Was Your Family Part of the Great Move West?
  • Migration Trails are Paper Trails
  • Newspaper Research beyond Obituaries: Much Needed, Often Overlooked
  • Paper Trails: Picking Through the Crumbs
  • Re-Assess Your Data: Is it Quality Research or Grandma’s Army Boots?
  • Naturalization Files: Could Be an Information Goldmine
  • Archives Large and Small, Public and Private
  • Oral History: Separating Fact from Fiction – See separate page for more details
  • Genealogy: Then and Now
  • Research Techniques Using Social Sciences
  • Forensic Canines and Ground Penetrating Radar

2017-2022: “Santa Ynez Valley Star” Newspaper: writes a once a month genealogy column

202219 March: Virtual – Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society, “Work Your Way to Ireland Using American Records First”; 20 March:  Virtual – Questing Heirs Genealogical Society, ” The Importance of Collateral Research; 07 April: Genealogy Quick Start, TV Program interview;       12 April : Central Jersey Genealogy Club, “Catholic Records – Then and Now” 25-28 May: NGS Conference, Sacramento, CA  – Recorded presentation;  Saturday, July-September: Celtic Connections Conference-Virtual – will be taped in advance: “Oral History – Fact and Fiction (See ad below); August: SCGS Jamboree, Virtual, will be taped in advance: “Death Certificates, Obituaries, and Probates: What the Dead Can Tell you”  28 September: Niagara County (NY) Genealogical Society,- Virtual  –  “Catholic Records, Then and Now.” November: Virtual Genealogical Society (Virtual) “The Importance of Collateral Research” Will be taped in October.

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