• California Genealogical Research: Past, Present, and Future
  • California Here They Came!
  • A Case for Courthouse Research
  • Case Studies in Forensic and Family Genealogy
  • Forensic Genealogy (advanced or professional genealogists/legal professionals audience)
  • Catholic Records: Then and Now
  • California Historic Mission and Their Records
  • Collecting, Recording, and Evaluating Research
  • Death Certificates, Obituaries, and Probates: What the Dead Can Tell You!
  • Did Your Ancestor’s Siblings Take YOUR Family Papers to California?
  • Work Your Way to Ireland Using American Records First
  • Irish and Irish-Americans in the Western United States
  • The Importance of Collateral Research
  • Migration Trails: Was Your Family Part of the Great Move West?
  • Migration Trails are Paper Trails
  • Newspaper Research beyond Obituaries: Much Needed, Often Overlooked
  • Paper Trails: Picking Through the Crumbs
  • Re-Assess Your Data: Is it Quality Research or Grandma’s Army Boots?
  • Naturalization Files: Could Be an Information Goldmine
  • Archives Large and Small, Public and Private
  • Oral History: Separating Fact from Fiction – See separate page for more details
  • Genealogy: Then and Now
  • Research Techniques Using Social Sciences
  • Forensic Canines and Ground Penetrating Radar

01 February 2018, Rotary Club presentation on the California Mission System [moved to 17 May]
03 May 2018, Gilroy Museum, Basics of Genealogical Research
05 May 2018, all-day seminar at the San Mateo County Genealogical Society – topics include California, California Mission records, and forensic genealogy
17 May 2018, Rotary Club of Los Olivos, California Historic Missions
31 May 2018, Jamboree round table coordinator, Irish Research table volunteer
01 June 2018, Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree, Burbank, California; presentation on Catholic Records
17 June 2018, Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society, Migration Trails are Paper Trails
04 Jun 2018, Corona Genealogical Society, Corona, Collateral Research
11 July 2018, VIGR webinar, California Mission System
14 February 2019,DAR chapter, Refugio del Cielo, topic not yet named
20 March 2019, South Bay Cities Genealogical Society, The Importance of Collateral Research
30 March 2019, SCCAPG Mini-PMC, This year held for members only in Santa Barbara area.
31 May 2019, Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree, Burbank California, AM – round table coordinator, runs the Irish Research table;
PM, lecture – California Genealogical Research, Past and Present
15 June 2019, Virtual Genealogical Association, Webinar, Research Techniques Using Social Sciences
26 November 2019, Solvang Rotary Club, Beginning Genealogy

2020: 04 January, Webinar for the Southern California Genealogical Society, “Migration Trails are Paper Trails: Let’s Pick Through the Crumbs”
05 September, At this time, the presentations for the San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society, will be virtual using ZOOM.

2017-2021: “Santa Ynez Valley Star” Newspaper: writes a once a month genealogy column

2021: ALL VIRTUAL FEBRUARY, Antelope Valley Genealogical Association;  South Bay Area Genealogical Society;

JUNE, Southern California Genealogical Jamboree – recorded and virtual, starting 7th June 2021 – check their website for more scheduling;  Irish research roundtable coordinator,  on 7th June  1-2 PM, virtual

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